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When will the GPS Return to Home (RTH) Module be available?
The GPS Return to Home module will not be available for the SpyHawk due to technical reasons. 

How long does the battery last in the SpyHawk?
Typical flight will result in a flying time of 10 - 12 minutes although longer flight times can be achieved by reducing throttle and gliding and or catching thermals!

How far away can the SpyHawk fly?
Roughly 2,000 feet in ideal conditions. Better range can be achieved by pointing the remote in the direction of the SpyHawk.

Is there any way to increase the range of the SpyHawk?
The SpyHawk already uses the most powerful video transmitter allowed by the FCC and therefore cannot be upgraded.

How do I re-calibrate the Hubsan X4 Quad Copter?


1) Place the helicopter on a flat, level surface. It is important that the surface be as level as possible.
2) Power on the transmitter first, then the helicopter. Make sure they are bound (solid LED on both).
3) Move the throttle stick (left stick) on the transmitter to the lower right corner then move the aileron stick (right stick) back and forth several times until the blue LEDs (eyes) blink.
4) The X4 is now re-calibrated! 



I am burning through Double A Batteries, do you offer a Lipo battery for the Hubsan Transmitters?
Not anymore, we find these pre-charged Enelope 2500MAH last even longer. You can get them from Amazon for a great value!

Where do you guys ship your products from?
All orders (unless it's an international order) will ship from our USA Based New Jersey Warehouse within 24hrs!

Can I buy just the new Hubsan H107D FPV Quad Copter without the remote and use it with my existing SpyHawk Remote?
Yes! We are currently working on making the H107D available as a standalone purchase without the remote. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when they are available.








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